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2021 Edition Formulas
Registration Procedure
  • If you are a participant
    1. Look for your school's representaive in the list below not available yet.
    2. Send them a message mentioning which sport you want to take part in as well as the number of players on your team.
    3. The school representative will redirect you to a captain or name one.
    4. Be careful : Only the school representative and the captains are allowed to modify registrations until 1 October 2021.
      If your school does not appear in the list or the list is not available yet , simply send us a message at this address : info@studentsgames.ch
    5. Substitutions can be made and must be announced until 10 October, by the captains.
    Inscription Dates
  • If you are a captain or a school representative register your school here then simply log in to add teams from your school.
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