• Can create an account and sign in.
  • Can ask to join an existing team or accept an invitation.
  • Can create their own team. When doing so, they become captain .


  • The creator of a team is also its captain.
  • Can invite participants in their team or accept requests to join.
  • If there is a school representative, can register players themselves.
  • Is responsible for the payment of the registration fee for all the members of their team.
  • Is responsible for communicating last minute information to their team, and making sure the team is on time for every encounter.
  • Is responsible for setteling any argument and ensuring proper conduct of the members of their team throughout the event.

School Representative  

  • Is approved and registered on the website by the committee.
  • Oversees all the teams from their school.
  • Can organize qualifying rounds or select which teams participate.
  • Person to contact if you have questions or a problem.

Accompanying Person  

  • Person of reference accompanying a delegation (e.g. coach or professor). Students cannot take on this role.
  • One should write to to motivate one's request to take on this role.
  • Does not take part in any tournament while still benefiting from the accommodation, meals and access to all animations.
  • The registration fee can differ from that of a regular participant and will depend on the desired services.

Registration Procedure


Look for your school's representaive in the list of confirmed participating schools below. If your school has a representative, send them a message stating you wish to participate. If your school does not have a representative, simply register by yourself.

If you are from EPFL or UNIL, the team captain must register his team himself, without going through the representative.
School/Univerity Representative
Association Sportive de l'Université de Bourgogne Section le Creusot (ASUB) Pereira Paul
Burgundy School of Business (BSB) Regazzoni Matteo
Ecole Centrale de Lyon (EC Lyon) D'Orazio Marco
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Student Team Lausanne EPFL
Ecole Supérieure d'Ambulancier et Soins d'Urgence Romande (ES ASUR) Addy Joanna
Haute École - Arc (HE-Arc) Rahimi Mohamad Reza
Haute école de paysage, d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Genève (HEPIA) Romash Michael
Haute Ecole de Santé Loèche-les-Bains (HEdS Loèche) Burgat Simon
Haute École de Santé Vaud (HESAV) Maatouk Al-Sabbagh Sami
Haute École de Travail Social et de la Santé Lausanne (HETSL) Adatte Thaïs
Haute École Pédagogique BEJUNE (HEP-BEJUNE) Anthamatten Jennifer
Haute École Pédagogique Vaud (HEP Vaud) Bondo Rigi
HES-SO Master (HMA) Leblanc Quentin
Hochschule Luzern (HSLU) Zuberbühler Celina
Hotel and Tourism Management Institute (HTMi) Ihnatisin Lukas
Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (La Source) Eshel Addie
Institut supérieur d'ingénieurs de Franche-Comté (ISIFC) Luittre Fanny
Université de Genève (UNIGE) Fernandes Lopes Maylin
Université de Grenoble (UGA) Placette Thierry
Université de Lausanne (UNIL) Student Team Lausanne UNIL
Université de Neuchâtel (UNINE) Ivanov Martin
Université de Strasbourg (UNISTRA) Kos Taner


You can also join the telegram group of your delegation, if there is one, and discuss with other people to form a team.

Be careful : Pay attention to deadlines. You can find a reminder below.


You can modify your informations or have them modified until 9 April 2023.


In the event of an unforeseen problem, substitutions can be made and must be announced until 16 April 2023, by the captains. The substitute participant must keep the same package as the participant they are replacing. Past the deadline, no further modification will be accepted.

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