Sustainability is a strong pillar of our event, and we wish to commit ourselves to respecting the environment. Every aspect of the games has been taken into account in this context. From our selection of caterers to the careful selection of sponsors, we strive to show what is possible in a sustainable world.

For this edition we will continue to work on implementing sustainable measures to keep the environmental impact of our event to a minimum:

👕 The T-shirts of the participants and staffs as well as everything worn by the committee is produced in an environmentally friendly way, using textiles made of recycled fibres and working with a local company, based in Renens.

🍝 The catering for the participants is entirely vegetarian and local.

🍽️ We use reusable utensils throughout the weekend, considerably reducing our waste production.

🚮 Eco points will be available throughout the event to enable waste sorting.

🚌 Concerning transport, we encourage participants to use Lausanne public transport, by providing a Mobilis pass for Lausanne's public transport system. Furthermore, we encourage delegations to travel to Lausanne using sustainable means of transport such as bus or train.

✅ One of the novelties of this edition is the implementation and use of sustainability indicators allowing us to measure and quantify the impact of our event, in order to identify and continuously improve our sustainable actions throughout our event.


The Students Games are committed to the inclusivity of all people in sports tournaments. We strive to promote parity and encourage student participation without discrimination on the basis of gender, colour, religion, social background, physical appearance, sexual orientation or disability.

The well-being and safety of our participants is of utmost concern to us. The Students' Games express values of respect and fair play and does not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour. In order to prevent this behaviour that would be detrimental to the smooth running of the event and to the respect of each party involved in these games, we have set up a prevention unit.

The entire organising committee has received prevention training to be able to react in the event of a problem. A number of different measures are put in place during the event to welcome you in a healthy and welcoming space :

✍️ A code of conduct and the rules will be signed by each participant when registering on the website.

📃 Flyers/posters will soon be available on our social networks and during the event.

🤝 The entire organizing committee will receive prevention training to be able to react in case of a problem. In addition, a person will be designated as a reference person to coordinate all aspects related to prevention during the entire weekend.

🍹 A fictitious cocktail whose name will be posted in the toilets will be available during the evening to ask for help in case of insecurity.

🛍️ A prevention stand will be set up as an information point for participants.

🚌 Shuttles will be provided on Saturday evening to allow people to return safely

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